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Where Springs, Streams and Rivers Unite

Its time to open the window, Of my soul to that of yours, Its time to breathe in the air crisp, And sink in deep in the emerald of waters green, Its time to loose myself to the scent of wild geraniums and ferns,…

Dreams Poems and Stories

Where Time Closes its Window

What is it I see from a distance, A rush of light, Far from across the valley, Somewhere high up on the mountainsides, Where time sleeps again, With the dawn dews of the rain, Holding no one yet everyone, Like a pull strong, In…

Dreams Poems and Stories

Of Our First Encounter

What is it that keeps us from sleeping, Is it the thunder outside or quiet within, Harsh outside but falling within, Untouched by; yet in touch with, Always in a hurry to walk away, But then a long wait calling, Is it me or…

Fashion Miscellaneous

Celebrating Indias’ National Handloom Day

To mark the importance of handloom in economic social life, 7th of August is celebrated as National Handloom Day in India.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had inaugurated the 1st National Handloom day in Chennai on the same day last year saying that the world…