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Dreams Love Poems and Stories

In the Gleaming Halls of Morn!

And there is this feeling of love, I find myself closer to, And where did I meet him first? In the hillsides of upper himalayas, Clutched at his lenses for work, Unaware I was snapped, In the whites and browns of the winters, Happy,…

Love Poems and Stories

To Infinity and Beyond

Oh love! What is it that makes me free myself onto you, What is it that makes me run wild..miles for you, What is it I am ready to offer everything I have to you, That will turn my love into power supreme, Where…
Dreams Love Poems and Stories


Where am I lost? Oh love! In the warmth of the lands unknown, Where the mountains are magic, And the clouds are mirrors, Where can see only you in myself, Where the wind whispers soft your name, Under the skies clear, Where I am…

Love Poems and Stories

In Love with You

Oh dearest heart, I don’t know how I didn’t realize this until now, The unintentional sweet symmetry of my love for you I remember you well, As you stood there spreading quietly, In wilderness over the horizon. While others slept, I crept away¬† Into…

Dreams Hope Love Poems and Stories

For Now and Forever

This is all there is, the woods dark and deep, And miles to go before I sleep Let me be you lover In a frozen ocean of dream and hope Under the skies- In light and dark I turn off the lights and Lie…

Love Miscellaneous

Celebrating Love As The Highest Power

Remember that feeling? Being in Love, Falling for your someone special as if your love is your entire world, selflessly yours- all yours. As we grow younger with age, we get tired of complimenting the worldly cloud that keeps us busy in the hustle…

Love Miscellaneous

My Valentine’s Day

Today is set aside as a Day of Romance. Love Birds are hopping up everywhere today. Remember that feeling? Being in Love, Falling for your someone special as if your love is your entire world, selflessly yours- all yours. Hold your sweetheart close today…

Love Miscellaneous

Fashion Talk: Be a Valentine’s Princess

The most anticipated date night of the year is here. Love is definitely in the air. No matter where the night takes you- get sexy, have fun, flirt and enjoy! Have a date with someone special? Reservations are set? Still figuring out What to…

Dreams Hope Love

Alice in Wonderland

Counting every pulse on our fingers and thumbsDeep and loud with a flashy surprise Away we fly like angels in the skies To unknown places Where winds are on the rise Caught in the moment I take your hand  Mesmerised in your palace Like Alice in WonderlandDrinking the moonlight out…