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Dreams Hope Love Poems and Stories

For Now and Forever

This is all there is, the woods dark and deep, And miles to go before I sleep Let me be you lover In a frozen ocean of dream and hope Under the skies- In light and dark I turn off the lights and Lie…

Dreams Hope Love

Alice in Wonderland

Counting every pulse on our fingers and thumbsDeep and loud with a flashy surprise Away we fly like angels in the skies To unknown places Where winds are on the rise Caught in the moment I take your hand  Mesmerised in your palace Like Alice in WonderlandDrinking the moonlight out…

Dreams Hope Love Poems and Stories

In My Hazel Eyes!!

I saw a special star In the early dawn of love Staring down at me To kiss me soft and sweet Don’t let me stop now As I run along the frozen bridges To catch onto you.. Heading off to explore The white cloud…

Hope Poems and Stories

Last memory of happiness!

Lost in deep woods Nurturing my paralyzed soul Let me go Relieve me of this pain That hits me every single second As u move secretly closer Fearing my sensibilities running numb Without any special reason It is the emptiness of your mere presence Which…

Hope Poems and Stories

An Escape to No Return

Locked in my body like an empty shell I lie spilled on the floor to crave for sunshine that creeps in through the window My tears running hard to see my soul no longer inside My blank black eyes looking into the wings of…

Hope Poems and Stories

With No One To Hold….

Restless and speechless I die along with you As I lay alone feeling your momentary smiles and cries. I wish you could be heard my young love I struggle within with memories of you looking deep in my eyes And begging me to be…

Hope Poems and Stories

Listening to the dark corners..

Romancing the mystified beauty of heavens I pool in deep… White air fanning my fears apart Fancy smiles whispering soft Kissing my lips to sting me up. My bosom racing high Silently climbs in hope; With my heart wide open And nerves facing rush…

Hope Poems and Stories

Last minute of silence!!

Sleep my sweet love….or if you even exist? Sleep until you wake up to find your name in the holy burial Until your heart struggles to beat Wake up to bear the pain and pleasure Of holding me close in your dreams Never thought…

Hope Poems and Stories


Something crossed my mind As I looked in the mirror I heard a soft voice that reminded me of you A man I idolized I feel sad to think you never ring me How hurtful it is but to think you are gone I…