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Dreams Poems and Stories

Where Time Closes its Window

What is it I see from a distance, A rush of light, Far from across the valley, Somewhere high up on the mountainsides, Where time sleeps again, With the dawn dews of the rain, Holding no one yet everyone, Like a pull strong, In…

Dreams Poems and Stories

Of Our First Encounter

What is it that keeps us from sleeping, Is it the thunder outside or quiet within, Harsh outside but falling within, Untouched by; yet in touch with, Always in a hurry to walk away, But then a long wait calling, Is it me or…

Dreams Love Poems and Stories

In the Gleaming Halls of Morn!

And there is this feeling of love, I find myself closer to, And where did I meet him first? In the hillsides of upper himalayas, Clutched at his lenses for work, Unaware I was snapped, In the whites and browns of the winters, Happy,…
Dreams Love Poems and Stories


Where am I lost? Oh love! In the warmth of the lands unknown, Where the mountains are magic, And the clouds are mirrors, Where can see only you in myself, Where the wind whispers soft your name, Under the skies clear, Where I am…

Dreams Poems and Stories

In the Mountains

In the mountains we will make our home one day, Oh love! Where we would sing songs of love, Through mountains and valleys, Watching the river flow, Under the blanket of white wool clouds, And in bubblegum light Where the sun plays hide and…

Dreams Hope Love Poems and Stories

For Now and Forever

This is all there is, the woods dark and deep, And miles to go before I sleep Let me be you lover In a frozen ocean of dream and hope Under the skies- In light and dark I turn off the lights and Lie…

Dreams Hope Love

Alice in Wonderland

Counting every pulse on our fingers and thumbsDeep and loud with a flashy surprise Away we fly like angels in the skies To unknown places Where winds are on the rise Caught in the moment I take your hand  Mesmerised in your palace Like Alice in WonderlandDrinking the moonlight out…

Dreams Love Poems and Stories

Of Fogs and Feathers

Snugging the town in fogs and feathers, Rolling along in white wool clouds Out in my lawn I whistle out loud , Like a winter breeze wrapped in pouts My cheeks get red and eyes get twinkled, Away I fly till my heart gets mingled…

Dreams Love Poems and Stories

Wings of Love- From My Secret Santa

With an echoing joy- truly endless Here comes my Santa Waving the magical gifts Fragrancing sweet and fresh Flaming my passion- intense With a giving hand of Faith and Love! Thank you Santa For buying me all my dreams Making me bloom red With…