About me


Srishti Jugran is a Luxury & Lifestyle Adventurer, Explorer & passionate Storyteller. Srishti- a top ranking academician, alumni to National Institute of Fashion Technology is best known for her vibrant knowhow in travelling out of a backpack, hitch hiking and seeking offbeat and raw experiences. She specializes in content creation for travel, fashion and lifestyle, trend spotting, beauty and wellness, as well as masters her art for crafting poems and stories and whatever else that catches fancy.

Her clients prize her utter professionalism and complete reliability, and is a go-getter to constantly learn and adopt new technologies that facilitates creative progress of her blog amongst her followers across all social channels.

We are very grateful to all our readers and followers whose love and support grows every single day! Keep Smiling and stay tuned..

Note From The Author

Hi.. When it comes to describing me; I love to Travel-Click-Dip in my pen-Spring in-Dance-Dive-Speak-Spark-Bike around-Fill in my senses and Content my ever alive thirst for covering events, travel and explore merry on my ‘Dreams going Live’….!! Fully engaged to flame my fascination for Writing. I look forward to your visits..lotta more coming. Enjoy the reads! And I’ll leave you with a non-poetic but very fitting trail of mine.

Favorite activities: Exploring, Eating, Wildlife, History, Biking, Climbing, Camping, Homestay, Rafting, Trekking, Skiing, Mountains, Beaches, Deserts and much more.

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