Like a Fine Wine! Welcome 2017

Yawning my way up under the stars in the wee hours in wild, in the himalayan valley of Doon when the whole town was still asleep and there was light enough to see the outlines of the mountains, I hung around with myself, sitting at the window, making a light conversation with the stars and the moon fading away in the skies. Feeling the dawn wind stir, the sun came up bit by bit springing in like a blushing bride.

avyktagni-by-srishi-jugran-best-of-travel-blogger-new year-2017-india-mountains

The clouds now begin parting way- clear and pure, a soothing scented delight breezes onto my skin while I stood still walking through the woods only to realize that there are bag full of memories over my shoulders, memories I can relate to and are still alive at my head and heart- definitely not meant to be left behind. And as the year ends a few hours from now, I wish to relive every moment of my life all over again like a fine Wine.

Wishing you all a super awesome New Year’s Eve and a great year ahead- full of love, luck, smiles, hugs, kisses and much more. Welcome 2017, with more friendships, rainbows, courage and whatever you wish for! Cheerz :)

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