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5 Common Behaviors Most People Think Are Negative But Are Actually Healthy

In our day to day lives; we all choose to be ourselves, the way you are, the way you react to a situation, the way you feel for one, yet we often prefer to ignore few common behaviors thinking them to be unhealthy. But if we look at the other side, how oversensitive we are for our behaviors that can actually be healthy if we all learn to embrace them on a positive note. Lets have a quick look at them:

1. Anger: I somehow don’t often get angry unless and until provoked to an extent where I am unable to avoid expressing it, when I have been wronged off limits. And once expressed in a healthy manner, I am a liberated self, more powerful, filled with positive emotional energy, a sense of direction and a much changed ME. 


When you become angry, examine how you can express that anger in a positive way that will create change for the better. It is when we deny our anger and avoid it that it can turn into more unhealthy ways of being, such as rage or depression. Know that healthy anger is there for a reason, to be your protector and liberator.

2. Crying: At times I feel an irresistible urge to let go of my emotional outburst like an off balance kid. But NO, wait..What am I doing? Why? I should never ever even think of letting anyone see me in tears or grieve. 

I often hold myself from expressing my emotional response in any form to situations that may bring tears to me. I completely choose to ignore them turning a blind eye to unleash anything holding onto may become toxic or me being emotionally rigid. 


But do take a time to let others know we feel, care, grieve and are effected by the world around us. This not only softens our personalities but our appearance as well to the outside world, So, crying not only lets us release our grief and sorrow, but also sends a signal to others that we are open and vulnerable as human beings, making us more attractive as friends and partners than those who never shed a tear for any reason.

3. Staying alone: I often cut off and isolate myself from the external stimuli, some of the not necessary social activities and prefer being with myself with a deeper level of self reflection that completely renews my sense of purpose. I am a 20’s something flashpacker and while I am on my travels I am lucky to find myself supreme solitude, and re-ignited my sense of creativity and deeper inspiration. 


In some situations, yes where a person is isolating himself might be a reason of concern, but if you are feeling the need to be alone, trust and honor your need. Walk by yourself in the park or lawn, or even you may plan a solo vacation to rejuvenate a deeper level of your being.

Trust me, in some situations, the most healthy thing you can do for yourself is to be alone.

4. Feeling Lost: I feel lost often when I have lost my sense of direction. The moment urges me to pay more attention to the things and to my instincts and explore unknown talents in myself and taking my own time finding amazing ways to get the things done. I often get acquainted with people with expertise in the area to provide input into the path and guide what is best for me. 


5. Not listening: It may seem bit arrogant for me, not to listen to what others say and simplly go by my intuition and be free with what your inner calling is, purely on your own gut feeling in spite of what others opine with.


But wait..Be wise and know when to listen to others and when not to. Keeping your eye on a strong vision sometimes requires you to trust yourself, ignore or tune out those voices who may not understand or be in alignment with that vision. 


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