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June 2016

Travel Travel and Wellness

Best Travel Movies of All Time

There is nothing like arriving at a place you have never been, its addictive and I love it more than anything else. I could spend my whole life travelling towards that feeling. And to drive my crazy travel obsession, I have a bucket full of great…

Love Poems and Stories

In Love with You

Oh dearest heart, I don’t know how I didn’t realize this until now, The unintentional sweet symmetry of my love for you I remember you well, As you stood there spreading quietly, In wilderness over the horizon. While others slept, I crept away  Into…


For The Single Woman

Hey all the single woman there..When do you plan to get married? You still single?? By choice, I say “Yes“:) “What!! You are beautiful, attractive and intelligent..what makes you single?” My reply to them is “Well, I do a thing called What I Want“.  I…