Top 10 Packing Hacks Every Traveller Should Know

Olaaa! Planning a vacation? So, how do you want to go bumming around this summer? From a ‘perfect packed’ luggage to catching your way through busy airports, getting rolling for a trip can be over exhausting if not organized smartly. Here’s some of the best travel hacks from my share of experiences that can be useful while you’re on vacation.

1. Always have scanned copies of your passport, tickets, travel insurance and important documents and contacts in your mail. Just in case if your luggage goes bye bye, you still have the vital digital backup with you.

2. Roll up some cash backed up in case of emergency in a small pillbottle/case.
3. Use Google Maps and other location guides  that can be downloaded and used offline. This way its easy to pin and locate your credentials on the phone when you are out exploring without paying for data roaming charges. 

4. Be the first one to have your bag off the Conveyer Belt by marking your checked bag as ‘Fragile’. will be the first off the plane.

5. Be aware of the basic customs of the country you are visiting to avoid landing in unintentional ritualistic trouble.

6. Roll your clothes instead of folding, you may also try rolled up socks inside your shoes to save your shoe shape and more packing space. Keep your ironed clothes from wrinkling by placing a sheet of filter paper in between.

7. For a lighter luggage use old Tic-Tac containers to store things like safety pins,hair pins and other accessories. You may also use small bottles to store your liquid items and add little labels to them.

8. Pack your charger,ear phones and other cables in a Sunglasses case to avoid the cords getting tangled.

9. Use folder clips to secure sharp faces of your razor and other edgy objects.

10. When packing lotions or any liquid, open the lid and insert a plastic wrap over the top of your containers before sealing. This avoids leaking of your precious potions and lotions.

Do you have any packing hacks in mind? Comment below and share.

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