Romancing My Passionate Affair with Doon

Splashing it all in the Colors of Love in such a heart capturing scenic beauty and smiles all around, I stay bound with the noise, the music, the beats, the language, the culture, dances, food, drinks and much more- the happening city of Doon has to offer.  I don’t know’! why I am still in a joyous mood to celebrate my OFF which have almost come to an end. Uwaa..aan L

For a while I stood still to realize that there are so many memories of Doon I can relate to my childhood; definitely not meant to be left behind. Being born and brought up in the fascinating highlands of Doon; its hard to speakout and justify why this place is so amazing. Every single time I am here I fall in love with the place all over again wherein every single second asks me to ‘stay’.

There is something special about the place- something which makes me gear up a light conversation- intentionally or unintentionally with the ones bearing an expressive spirit, something that makes me stay awake all night- sitting at the window embracing the midnight sky, something that stirs me up with the whistling thrush at five to bring all naughty smiles with an irresistible urge to inch my dreams up to reality.

A soothing breeze brushes upon me, I breath in a scented delight. The big bold orange figure has sizzled down its beauty far across the horizon, the wind is growing chilly, the clouds have begun to hover upon with a big bright thunder…its time for me to leave with a promise to be back again pretty soon.

Miss you My Love!

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