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Let’s start the Journey! Take a Bow, Believe in Yourself, Stay Focused and Start…The World is all Yours to Explore. Sometimes all it takes is to inch your way up to turn the Dice. And limitlessly stretch your inner quest for the endless Highway where World itself is a treasure to manifold.  And while I am at it I will do it.
Undoubtedly I have traveled to many places and still counting and the very thought of the trips I had made is an unforgettable experience of my lifetime wherein every step has a story to tell and to forever echo with postcard perfect memories.  A special mention to the thrust it gave to my ever alive thirst for rediscovering myself and to never stop exploring. 

Life seems to have changed a lot for me, it’s a beautiful amalgamation of my experiences of life as I didn’t knew it the way it is meant to be- traveling to the edge and beyond; romancing the history, art, architecture and culture of a place, interacting with locals, making friends with them- singing and dancing to their cultural tunes and thus developing a better perspective of understanding a place.
The romance of the travel allows me to trust strangers and to lose sight of the familiar comfort of home and friends. I am constantly off balance outside my mobile cloud in a roller-coaster ride painting my dreams into reality, which makes me believe in my endless to do wishlist, a new possibility to try the road less traveled and carve out a new one.
What are you waiting for?? Spin around and get Lucky to explore yourself to the moon and back.

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