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Happy Valentine’s Day- Sealed with a Kiss

My love, dear ones and friends, this year I am penning down my heart not in the cards or phone calls or messages but straight to your heart via my post. I would like you all to consider this as my VALENTINE to YOU. I intend to pour my Valentine‚Äôs wishes to each one of you, to some of the sweetest people in my life, my fans and followers, people who have loved me, inspired me and motivated me at every level.    
I wish I could put my words to paper, as in exactly how I feel and I run speechless. I feel lucky to have all your love and wishes. Each one of you holds a special place in my heart, on this Valentine’s and always. I thank you for the precious time you take to read and follow my feeds, like, comment, share and appreciate my work. 

Never wonder whether or not your special one would be your Valentine! They will eventually fall for the goodness of your heart. Wishing you all a very happy and heart filled Valentine’s Day! 

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