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The Wedding Twisters

Celebrating the love affair, splash yourself for the perfect pairing this Wedding Season. All you need is love and passion to play the romanticism in you.

Now that a trend has set in; everything is larger than life. Dance and Performances at weddings have become completely different with a much more professional edge these days. It has become a way to express one’s happiness for the day.

Peek in the tips by topmost celebrated choreographers and performers spelling the tricks for your special day.

What makes wedding choreography special?
  Its a short film of memories captured by family and friends through their performances.
  One sequence and it puts all at ease.

What trends dominate wedding choreography?
  Bollywood music and dance moves. Bollywood works best for Indian weddings

What genre do you suggest for Indian Weddings?
  Bollywood, Salsa, Jazz, Bhangra

Which dance forms would suit the parents of the couple?
  Rock n roll, Bollywood, Salsa

A dance form for the entire family to dance to?
 Old numbers are good for all age groups to hit the dance floor.
 Even Bhangra works out  best since everyone loves to dance freestyle to Punjabi music.

When should one start practicing prior to the functions?
  Start rehearsals at least a month in advance

Shiamak Davar, Performing Artist
Suman Acharya, Asst. Director, Salsa India
Nitasha Nanda, Instructor, Banjara School of Dance
Sugandha Khurana, Performer and Choreographer
Ridhika Seth, Wedding Choreographer
Bazaar Bride

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