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Innocent Love of Two Wandering Souls

Wandering across the valley
All day in soft breezes whispering sweet
To spell the charm of magic dust
In our eyes so large and innocent
To explore the strangest of lands unknown
In a morning of puffy clouds
Drifting lazily over the mystical landscapes
All quiet within.

We reunite to take the untraveled roads again
You are no longer a stranger
Come lets go out into the night
Under the skies clear
For you to kiss my cheeks with twinkles
Painting me under the snow-clad deodars
And then again in the meadow greens at dusk

You wake up at five
To begin your day with me
Here again comes the time spent..
Oh what a whirl
Leaning over our passion
All set to bagpack and spring in our little steps to a whole new world.

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  • pushpèndrà_Rènàto November 11, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    Sooo Beautiful !

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