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Lost sands of love

Travelling through the sands of time..
To find my long lost love
Tired and Dirty
With a sun dried soul
Sand rippling between my toes
And a smell of you in all my clothes

Come; Hold my hands with hand in yours
Walk with me across the sandy beaches
Where dusk swims on the pristine blue waters
Search for me in the depths unknown
For the treasure is in there

Wait until the light goes off
When Its growing dark
With the dense smashing waters-Inviting us to play; all quiet
Pumping breath into each other
Dancing close with our hearts entwined in waters clear

I now feel every bit of your muted touch as sweet
As the warmth of an embrace
As we clutch each other
To zip in the tent
Only to kick and splash
Stretching my arms out
Blossoming up more and more each day

Come; I will make you free as a wind
To swim forever
Across the depths of the sea
And explore the places where no one have ever been
Carrying my memories with you
Making merry on the songs of love
Forever and ever……..

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  • pushpèndrà_Rènàto October 28, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    Wooow. Its beautifully crafted. One of your bests :)
    Good going!

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