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Celebration of Love

My Big-Day came as a pleasant engagement to me.  I was quiet and nervous, at the same time experiencing the mysterious excitement of my wedding day as I stood in-front of the love of my life. Never have I felt such an essence of getting wed-locked. And finally here I was: on my Wedding Mandap when Giri charmed his arms around my neck and placed ‘Magalsutra’ as I heard my priest concluding our wedding with sacred mantras.

I often wonder- How fast the time rolls. How a secret admirer suddenly walks into your life to become friends- lover- proposer-eternal half- family.  And hereafter;  you are ready to take on the world as ONE lucky soul. 
Me and Giri met via close mutual friends. We first connected to each other online and exchanged thoughts via text and video chats.  He really had a good sense of humor and possessed a sensible maturity. Over a couple of chats we developed good understanding and we started crushing on each other- which over few months tuned up strong.  

Giri was based and settled in Melbourne, Australia. Nevertheless his family and extended ones were in Bhopal and NCR.  So he used to have his connecting flight to his hometown in Bhopal from Delhi (where he may pay visit to his relatives too).  Me on the other half was working in Delhi but based in Bhopal. I have often connected to him quiet a couple of times on his visit to India once we were well acknowledged with each other. 
 His ultimate surprise visit to India on my birthday was something unexpected. He insisted dining out together on an official date for he had taken all day trying to set everything up and to make sure everything was as per the plan. I had my best dress put on and got myself ready to dine out. He was waiting for me downstairs just outside my apartment entry.  As I advanced towards his car, he had car door pulled for me and stood still looking in my eyes and after a couple of minutes I did too as I glided in.  He started driving down the freeway to take me off to a rooftop restaurant at Neemrana. On the trail were lanterns with candles. When we reached the top of the trail, awaiting us were two chairs and a table under a glistening arch with a bouquet of roses and champagne. Right behind was a photo wall with all the pictures we had taken of each other from while dating on his visit to India. Soft instrumentals added onto the moment. He made me feel so special- a private moment, exquisitely beautiful, and what could be more exciting and romantic than this. As I advanced towards the table; he came up from behind me, placed his arms around me with a proposal ring on a golden box infront and whispered softly in my ear asking me to be his forever. For a moment I didn’t speak, I turned around and hugged him; inside I was experiencing the excitement to spend forever with him. My commitment to his proposal became obvious with my tears of joy.
 It was an evening out of the ordinary. We headed to an intimate dinner and ordered couple of drinks. His eyes constantly engaged to admire me from head to toe..We had an amazing couple time together and snapped pics all night. Next day he had his flight. He didn’t want to leave me, neither did I. By the time he was back in Melbourne; we had been missing each other and those sweet adorable moments we spent with a promise to fall in love over and again with each other.
I really had my first perfect date of my lifetime which I will ever relish. Best birthday gift ever.

– Scripted for Deepti and Giriraj
Engaged and Wedded 14 April, 2012

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