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Me and Sid met first in the summer of 2010. I saw Sid waiting outside my house in the misty morning of Doon. He has got books for my medico sis to refer to as she was approaching internals for her third year MBBS program from a reputed institute in Dehradun.

I ventured out on a routine morning walk when I caught his attention- his one look at me and  as he quotes ‘It was enough for me to fell in love with your sweet chirpy smile’. He dropped a quick hello to exchange his curiosity to know me. One quick smile and then I left…Somehow I ran conscious that morning with zillion thoughts gushing my mind- wish I would have dressed up that morning perfectly and not on an out of bed note. As I came back from my walk; he was right there referencing and discussing important handouts. He looked up, glanced at me and there I was- nervous to say ‘Hello’!! Sid says- that day his heart was racing over a 1000 beats. We were not sure what was happening with us.

For quite a couple of weeks; he dropped by our place for studies, hangout and chitchat over coffee- we shared moments, lived, laughed, kicked and gradually began to love each other. Everything was happening so fast. One fine day while we were strolling down the lovers lane at Rajpur Road, with a trailing mist behind; he popped down on one knee to craft a passion flower ring on my finger and proposed me ‘Just say YES’.  I couldn’t believe he actually just proposed me, he was actually asking me to be his forever. I was completely amazed and shocked. I hugged him. It just happened all of a sudden. He then curled his hands gently onto mine saying ‘ I love you- lets grow old together’. He kept looking at me with love and passion till I skipped a beat. I ran quiet and nervous. I fell in love with him all over again. Everything seemed so perfect- just like him.

Sometimes I sit back and think for a second- how we met, saw each other and began our incredible journey towards getting engaged.

– Scripted for my Sweet Sister
Engaged and Wedded 11 March, 2012

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  • pushpèndrà_Rènàto August 23, 2014 at 1:41 pm

    Nicely written. One of the bests of yours. :)

  • Anita Sharma August 25, 2014 at 6:09 am


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