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Illusion of a Golden Dream

Stealing away my heart
Bearing the ignorance of my nerves
Vrooming off the brakes with speed
And an innocent gesture as if feeling sorry
To keep me waiting across the river bridge
As I stood amazed in the shadows
With soft cold drizzles fanning my cheeks red
I rushed to him in the silence of night
Dipping my wings in his thirsty longing eyes
That stay clipped onto the arch of my back
Too shy to say much at all
A raw talent stood rusting in some dark corners
Stealing glances with rapid eyes
Drinking down his pulsating self
As he remembered his times hard
Planting  deep into his thoughts
I can see a spark in him
Tuned to set free
Leveling his feathers to dare and risk
Wondering if he could live his dreams
Which no longer seem an illusion
As I stood mirroring myself into his little kingdom of happiness

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