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Journey of a winged soul

Heading on a journey to draw the border
Traveling down the lovers lane
A beautiful moment awaits..!
Weaving a new stitch to flame our souls
Sinking us into the sea of teases and temptation
Driving us ashore into the wildest lands of peaceful pleasures
Unlocking our dreams of twists and turns

Magic sweeps in to escape us into breezes
To far away lands- living each spring and season we have ever seen
To go more places we have never been 
Pinning us to take risks
To watch more sunrises and sunsets and relax in river beaches,
Snaking up to climb to the highest of mountains
Standing across snowcapped peaks
Gleaming in golden beam of morning glory
And walking through lone woods to strangest of emotions

Your eyes start playing hide and seek
With my lipsticated dreams buried deep and deep within
Tossed to make you anxiously mad
And embrace the barefoot beauty
Of me being all mine!

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  • Anita Sharma August 27, 2014 at 10:45 am

    nice tale to explore!

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