Hope Poems and Stories

An Escape to No Return

Locked in my body like an empty shell
I lie spilled on the floor to crave for sunshine that creeps in through the window
My tears running hard to see my soul no longer inside
My blank black eyes looking into the wings of flaming clouds
While I lay stagnant with my memories freezed in a coffin too tight
When I looked closer it was you
I skipped a beat
Wondering where have you gone
And what have I become
With your soul sewn into mine
You left me lost- to find myself all alone to face this darkness silently
With my heart chained down
Waiting to break free forever
I now see a face I barely know
Making you come to wipe off my tearful cheeks
To make me shed my bleeding tears all for good
And kiss my forehead
To dance with me in the rains
To zip open my locked lips allowing you to love
Amidst green and beautiful grasslands
I think I have known you for long- hopefully forgotten
I see a spark mirrored into your eyes as I looked into you
Your heart racing high to chase me
And me in the hope of tuning my laced dreams
Like a fantasy of a lost child
To skip into heaven
For I no longer want to spent years weeping in darkness
..With fading memories after one is gone.

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