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A Bleeding ‘NO’

I wake up every morning knowing you are there
The most wonderful one I have ever had
I felt like I had known you forever
Though it was none of my choice to be so..
Telling you all my secrets

I often wonder how you managed to survive me
When the little things used to make me mad
As you bore my impatience patiently
I hope you know I would never give you a false commitment
For I can see no life out here.
I hope to see you with the one
Who loves you more than her life itself
I need you to know that I’m not your forever.

I bet we would have never thought
We would become more than just friends.
With hurt and loneliness to be left by our side
Because of the feelings you had inside
I told you I’d never leave you..
You are still the bestest of friend to me
Like no one I have ever known
Will it ever really be forever?
I guess its a NO, a big NO.

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  • Anita Sharma August 27, 2014 at 10:47 am

    very touching..

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