Hope Poems and Stories

Listening to the dark corners..

Romancing the mystified beauty of heavens
I pool in deep…
White air fanning my fears apart
Fancy smiles whispering soft
Kissing my lips to sting me up.

My bosom racing high
Silently climbs in hope;
With my heart wide open
And nerves facing rush
No shame involved..ahh I kiss you back
Holding you tight
Tears roll down my cheeks
As I curl my arms all over you
..Craving for one tender touch
To slide over for an emotional union

Oh dear! Don’t let me cry
Let me double-lock my door
And weave space where countless affections meet
For no one is awake to hear my tears
For now and forever.

I stand and hear myself
All numb..to discover myself
Wavering across the bordered shades of loneliness
From head to toe.
I dont seem to show it; For no one cares for me..

Give back my moments of laughter,
Moments of silence and Moments of rush
Let the sunshine reach me and warm me
As I pity myself
Over the merciless hands of utter neglect.


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  • Anita Sharma August 27, 2014 at 10:49 am

    wow….i loved it

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