Love Poems and Stories

For the fresh Breath of Love

Ah! Look  beyond  beauty
There is a  bliss standing tall riding a white horse
Let your eyes glide over the lands of green
The external tranquil of the man I love

There stands you, a perfect person
Holding me in your arms
Brushing my hair with your hands
Looking me in the eyes to tell me I’m your world
Your muscular arches and boldness
Driving me fancy much closer to the sunset
Everything felt so right, so magical

You got the move of a cold eye
Flip off and you will know
Your achievements speam to raise you a toast of intelligency
Strange to see you explore the new hits of all excellence
To  land up and fight your presence
And celebrate  the tender moments
Of love and longing in the land of desires
In the soft showers of night
Where the magic is waiting for us
To be in love …………………

My pulses now run high..more higher
Romancing the cold dust to flicker and fade
I now lay all my love for you….
That’s when I hope we’d never end, no more goodbyes

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  • Anita Sharma August 27, 2014 at 10:50 am

    nice read

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