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Your smile…

I saw a single smile just like mine
It happened in a flash -don’t even know where
You strew in my path your cutest of smiles
Charming and milking my body
Leaving one of mine near to your heart

How can one smile such sweet smiles
And forever smile the same smiles!!
Your smiles bring me joy
It gives me hope, and gives me life
It gives me words, and a power within

I wonder why you had to smile that long
Stealing away glances.. giving rich; all healthy smiles
Deep within, you are saddened by tears for miles
There is something that is weeping within you
Weeping all alone; building your own world
To smile same sweet smiles
Your smiles radiate the fragrance of goodness
With intense energy of attraction
You make me smile when you say hi,
When you come by, to know when you are there
No doubt a natural superiority
It takes nothing but a perfect love

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