Hope Poems and Stories


Something crossed my mind
As I looked in the mirror
I heard a soft voice that reminded me of you
A man I idolized
I feel sad to think you never ring me
How hurtful it is but to think you are gone

I never felt love’s bliss
Never got my worth with a smile
I aint an artist to sketch my life
I have films but no colors to add onto it
I never showed my fears
Or let you hear my cries
For I have learnt to glide along

Even though you are gone
And will never return
Before the heavy curtain falls
There is something I must say
Don’t be sad when I die
When there is no sunshine to cradle your day
When I am not there to comfort you
It has more awe than death

You are like sand that runs between the toes
Shopping for drugs…bleeding grey
With alcoholic eyes in a shiny trash bag
Ask me no question
You self obsessed creature
You never stood by me; instead mocked me loud
You piped me out of blood to run your dirty businesses
Still you have the audacity to blame me for your cruelest sins??

I now put a final nail to your grave
I now feel better
Of what died inside me while I lived
Here I dip my brush into my soul
And paint my hopes in my pictures
Dreaming all day and night
Aiming to soar up high in the sky

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