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Be Mine

Be a little candle
In the garden of my heart
To outshine and lit
The darkest moments in-grafted
Deep down in the bottomless depths of my times past

Kiss me with your soft whispers in my ear
Take care of me with all tenderness
You will need no special talent
But all your love
It makes no difference who you are
Be mine, my special one
And I will make you taste my sweet honey lips

Give me a ray of hope
And I will give you an entry-key to my soul
I wont call for any sacrifice
For me Oh dear!Be mine
Forever to beautify my charm
As I paint you through irrigating veins of my form
On the very vibrating walls of my heart

Pass me your golden loud air
Which gets way deep through my breath without any fuss
Making me aware my sheer love for you
Opening and closing the bowl of my red blooms
No doubt filling the gap between
Soothing like a golden sunbeam in the wildest of winters

You might get lost in the crowd
Yet I can pin you
You might get lost in the surge of humanity
But I will never lost sight of you
So precious is your worth..

Here comes the early dawn
Inviting the clouds close
Its none but you
A soft air fans my past apart
There I caught a glimpse of your shadow
And my bosom started beating heavily
My eternal love claims you
With my heart renewed
My cheeks began to redden through the gloom
I seek u now and forever; so be mine

Never expect you to put on a false face
Or pray for me when in tears
Never expect you to weave me a golden thread
All I want is to promise me
That in days far off, when the road divides
You will seek no other but me
Never to say goodbye
Now what is it I see from up there
So small the window frames the whole of it
Remember..there were times when you went gaga over me
We fancied in the gleaming cityhalls
And now you drive to lands far off
To view an open country?
Even now ur smiles catch onto my skin
I do remember the days when it was winter here
How white every thing was, how quiet, how snowed in
I handed over my robe to you
When you brought me numbness
And we sang songs of desire
But now my heart aches
To think that I’ve lost you

Why??what for you baffled me?
You swabbed me clear of my associations
You did whatever you chanced on
You have cut deeper than the swords
And left me wounded………..
Its been ages; many seasons passed; all time gone
Haunting our dreamz

Still my eyes long for you

As tears roll down my cheeks

To sing songs of separation

I wish that he were come to me
Soon those days will be back
Come and I will take you
To the deep wells of dark
Where we both will seek the grooves
Where we both will lie in the grave beneath the living mystic tree
And weave ourselves in the golden web
Never to return
I am here, I am of you
I am with you- and now I am in you
As sweet!For I will come, if not you
As you are mine
And I shall keep your soul in mine
Till its last beat…

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