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Heart Beat

Walled before your eyes my heart stands like a mirror
Why is this feeling I now fear to loose you
In the bottomless depth of an ocean
Why am I beating too soon
I stand to twinkle for you
I have my own memory
That makes me rich
And dive in deeper and deeper
To unwrap my worth
Oh don’t doubt my dear;
My heart’s worth the shackle it casts,
Immeasurable to the behavior it holds
Take no heaviness, have such an awful lot to say
I know no language
I now speak straight to your heart
Never judge me- for you cannot
Deep inside me I hear your heart beat
Stunned, the same heart beats in me
And in it are enshrined
The precious keepsakes
…Into which if rapt your living soul

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  • Sylar July 17, 2012 at 6:46 am

    I love it…

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